Wedding Dance Choreography & Instruction


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We believe learning to dance with style and technique for your big day should never be a chore. Whether your intention is to learn a simple and sweet first dance or a perfect show stopping routine to wow your guests, we will help you execute your dream dance!

Is it a romantic waltz, a hot salsa, or a quirky comedy routine done to your favorite song? Anything is possible for your special day and we would love to help you make that happen, showing off your moves with confidence and having a memorable First Dance that everyone talks about!

Our specialty and expertise are working with couples just like YOU! Most often our students claim to have “two left” feet or no sense of rhythm, yet after just a few dance lessons are thrilled to find out that everyone of them CAN DANCE and has fun doing it! Group and private instruction packages are available to fit your budget.

You will be taken care of from start to finish so you and your significant other can focus on having a good time! Our clients find dance class to be one of the most enjoyable activities during this busy time of wedding planning!

 Contact us Today to Schedule a 30-min Wedding Dance Consultation & Introductory Private Dance Lesson

30-min Wedding Dance Consultation & Introductory Private Dance Lesson priced at $25.

 Here we’ll help you with –

  • The perfect song selection
  • Discuss look and feel of the expected choreography in detail
  • Try out 2-4 different dance moves to understand which dance style/s best suit your comfort and the rhythm of your song
  • Gives you an opportunity to experience our teaching style and for us to gauge your pace of learning. This will help you pick the perfect package and decide on the timeline.
  • Parent dances : Mother-Son; Father-Daughter
  • Guidelines on dance shoes

and we’l hold your hand all the way through.